Tuesday, May 01, 2007

For Mr. Big

...just say "Chicken!". Eeheheheheh!
...soooo keek your love light burning...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosario-My darling Fiance and wife in December,,,,very funny and I would like all your Bloggers to know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU x x x bj YES my love candle is still burning!! kisses, Matthew (also known as Mr BIG !!)

10:10 PM  
Blogger greentea said...

não se ouve disto todos os dias ...
valeu como nomeação , afinal !!!

não sei qd conseguirei ir até Coimbra que estou numa fase de excepcional trabalho, nem ontem Dia do Trabalhador, tive descanso.

Mas veremos o que se puder arranjar .

e fico contente com o comment de Mr Big. Ainda bem e hoje é noite de LUa Cheia, uma Lua especial que não há todos os meses. Aproveita!´
Um beijo

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poem written for my darling


I take your hand and lead you away
Maria my darling there is so much to say
I whisper softly and into your ear
And slowly reveal the wonders so near

I long to kiss your eyes, lips and under your skin
It brings out such passions, once buried within!
Pull me close and hold me near
My wish is to make love all through the year!

Into the darkness and enter your Knight
My magic wand appears to expose your lovelight
Cometh the dawn with brightness of sun
This great Star brings wisdom -You are indeed ’The One’

Your love gives me wings so I can fly
And follow you- Miss beautiful Butterfly
My heart is yours- you smashed all walls
And Im sorry it took them some time to fall

I was a prisoner, but that is no longer me
You broke the chains and set me free
You stripped me of my armour so tight
and probably noticed I put up a fight!!

Five Cats, and a Fiancé named Maria
Is worth celebration and plenty of Beer
I see the Goddess and the beauty within
I'm ready now dear, let the future begin

Matthew (MR BIG 02 May 2007)

1:39 AM  
Blogger Rosario Andrade said...

That is beautiful, darling! Also perfect for this painting!...
Love you

9:50 AM  


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